AAA Homes is locally owned by Gary Fordham and David Thompson, business partners in numerous companies since 1987; winners of local, state and national awards for innovative design, quality production and highest service standards. “Customer satisfaction starts at the first handshake and extends through construction to our homeowner warranty”.


To meet the growing demand of owners for creative design, AAA Homes uses a Team Build to provide better oversight and hands on supervision from Start to Finish


  • David Thompson, Owner, assists with Plan Selection, Plan Review, Building Process and Budgeting

  • Daniel Johnson, Builder Project Manager, manages projects from Start through black in, Mechanical and Insulation

  • Diane Kelly, Design Manager, manages all the design features in each home including: flooring, lighting, countertops, cabinets, trim, backsplashes, fireplaces, and paint colors. All the “Bling” is on Diane to help each home buyer to coordinate

  • Gary Fordham, Owner, manages financial matters including: Banking, Payroll, Vendor bill payments, Insurance and Closings.


AAA Homes provides easy to follow step by step guidance to ease the home building process with transparent pricing. This practice allows customers to better manage their design decisions and finish selections to best fit their budget needs.

  • Treat the customer as you would want to be treated

  • Ensure high value and quality, energy efficient homes

  • Enhance building experience with proper planning and open communication

  • Provide affordable high performance homes using latest home technology

  • Consistent customer satisfaction through planned inspections

  • Responsive service starts with good planning and runs through after the sale



People live, work and play in their homes. Rapid technology advancements in the home building sciences offer builders and homeowners more choices than ever. Our challenge is to be cutting edge, bringing the best of these technologies to our customers’ attention. We will explain the long term value in investing in new safety and energy features, appliances offerings and audio/video/wifi services that allow the home to work at a high performance level.

  • 2016 Third Party Scored Home Inspections at Completion

  • 2015 Team Built with Construction and Design Managers

  • 2014 EZ Order Form for Customs & Specs

  • 2014 Enters Remodel Market with Design Team

  • 2013 Offers Turn Key Transparent Custom Build Pricing

  • 2012 Introduces High Performance TechSmart to Market

  • 2011 Built Hattiesburg’s 1st Certified Green Home

  • 2010 Preferred Builder – LakeView at Timberton

  • 2009 Greater Hattiesburg Home Builder of the Year

  • 2009 Certified Green Professional by NAHB

  • 2009 Extreme Home Makeover: Home Edition

  • 2008 Best in Mississippi Award by HBAM

  • 2008 Exclusive Builder at Chapel Hill

  • 2007 Certified Professional Builder by HBAM

  • 2005 Exclusive Builder at Pecan Lakes



Provides a high performance energy efficient home affordable even to the entry level buyer by reducing energy consumption 45% to 505.


Provides a healthier home reducing by dust and mold allergens that lead to sickness and disease


Provides quieter home environment with improved air infiltration with better insulants and sealants reducing outside air infiltration by 90%


Provides owner access to the fastest growing segment in new home construction now showing faster resales and increase comparative values to brown homes

Hattiesburg's Premiere Certified Green Builder

The Extreme Makeover home is the First Green Certified Home in Hattiesburg. “Once we committed to Extreme Makeover, I wanted this platform to promote Green Building by bringing the very first Green Certified home to Hattiesburg. This wonderful opportunity shines light on the fastest growing segment of residential home construction. It was exciting to see the green build process work and how easily the trades were able to adapt under pressure to get it done. This Green home will benefit the homeowner foryears and also excite the community to build green”, says AAA Homes partner David Thompson.

Designer Jonathan Boone of House Plan Zone states, “It was a challenge being the first home in Hattiesburg to be designed with green certification in mind, but with the help of many volunteers and hours of research we were able to get there. I hope this is the start of many homes in our area that will reach this goal”. The Extreme Makeover home will benefit the Heathcocks with cleaner air, reduced air infiltration, lower power bills, less water consumption, and many more energy saving, long lasting benefits.

The Heathcock’s new “Green” living space has practically doubled and yet at 47.6% more efficient than code requirements, the Heathcock’s utility bills will remain about the same from the many green energy features and building techniques employed. Many of these green features and building techniques are encompassed in most of our AAA Homes offered throughout the Hattiesburg market. Please see the flyer designed by House Plan Zone specifically for Extreme Makeover. Learn more about what Green means and you too may decide your best investment is to Go Green.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Victorian Farmhouse

The lovely Victorian Farmhouse was built on 18th Avenue for the very deserving Sherman Heathcock family. By leading an All-Star team of builder trades and volunteers, AAA Homes was able to help the Heathcock family achieve their simple dreams of having a safe and healthy home to raise their children. Rewarding to AAA Homes were the many long lasting relationships built during the rapid
EXTREME one -week build process.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Designers

What a pleasure it was to work side by side with the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Designers each day to create a beautiful dynamic home for the family. Each Designer took a Bedroom and made it very special for each family member. They really know how to put the “WOW” factor into a project. Learned a lot about being bold in creativity and color.

One Week Challenge!

They call it Extreme for a reason. During the build week, you name it we got it. Cold, rain, more rain, mud, snow, high winds and then beautiful sunshine just in time for a glorious inverted rainbow just prior to the “Move that Bus”! Among thunderous cheers from fans and family, through the many hugs and tears of joy, AAA Homes says “Welcome Home Heathcock family! Welcome Home!”

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition – Hattiesburg

AAA Homes of MS, LLC was honored to be chosen by ABC Television as Lead Builder for the Hattiesburg Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

As Lead Builder our responsibilities were to oversee the home design and manage complete build project; to recruit and organize 300 trades and 1,200 volunteers, obtain all building materials by donation, obtain all permits, raise financial support to cover cost overruns, build a web site, put on a Pep Rally and obtain food and drink to feed 300 hungry Volunteers some three times per day for eight days. Oh yes, don’t forget the main task … demolish the old home, clear debris, survey a new pad and build and warrant the new home all in one Extreme week. This done while keeping it all a big “hush” secret for four weeks prior to Ty’s famed “door knock”. Whew, what a memorable and grand Extreme week it was!